We, the Members of the Lawrence County Gospel Music Association, are dedicated to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the sharing of Southern Gospel Music. As members of the Association, we are to serve our Community and others through our ministry when called by sharing the Gospel in Song. Our Mission is to allow everyone to see the work of our heavenly Father in each of our lives and to lead those we meet to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We are a non-profit organization that works to touch as many lives as possible through God’s word, food, and fellowship at our monthly gospel singings.

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Current Members

President – Steve Peters
Vice President – Raymon Chandler
Secretary – Rex Hartsfield
Asst. Secretary – Aline Enochs
Treasurer – Jesse Rogers
Asst. Treasurer – Eline Enochs
Concession Chair – Jesse Rogers
Vice Concession Chair – Lisa Rogers
Vice Concession Chair – Hayden Peters
Board Chairman – Joe Tomlin
Vice Board Chairman – Rex Hartsfield
Board Member – Linda Smith
Board Member – Linda Peters
Board Member – Raymon Chandler
Door Greeter – Linda Peters
Door Greeter – Aline Enochs
Door Greeter – Brenda Chandler
Publicity Chairman – Aline Enochs
Asst. Publicity Chairman – Destiny Hollis
A&R Sound & Lighting – Gerald Enochs
A&R Sound & Lighting – Steve Peters
A&R Sound & Lighting – Raymon Chandler
Stand In A&R – Rex Hartsfield
Concession Cashier – Connie Lindsey
Asst. Concession Cashier – Tanya Peters
Booking Agent – Joe Tomin